Nice to Meet You, Dad

A great gift, this hardcover book is a nod to new parents finding their footing with a cheeky (and clingy) new baby.

Nice to Meet You, Dad

My first published children’s book!

This thoughtfully-illustrated 8” x 10” hardcover book makes a great gift for:

  • New Dads
  • New Moms
  • New Parents
  • Seasoned Parents
  • Any parent who needs a laugh!


Dad has suddenly become a stranger and now only mom will do!

Nice to Meet You, Dad

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Eden Watson’s fresh voice and Vivien Sarkany’s delightful illustrations combine to make this gem of a picture book a perfect gift for new parents. The story is funny and relatable and will leave new dads saying ‘I feel seen.’ Watson captures the bomb dropping disruption of brining home a first baby, but through the sweet voice of innocence that will make you laugh out loud. Each page offers illustrations with new things to find and point to each time you read it. This book will undoubtedly inspire family conversations where kids will ask, ‘what was I like when you first brought me home?’ With witty words and whimsical line drawings I hope we see more from this duo soon!


I bought this book for a friend who is expecting his first baby this fall. Its a great book, written by a wonderful person. A must buy for any new Dads.


This book was infectiously funny! Much like the words on the page, the illustrations charmingly deliver all of what needs to be said. Witty, original, and down-to-earth, Eden tells a unique yet somehow familiar tale that any parent, novice or seasoned, will find appealing.

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About Me

“Writing has been an interest since as far back as I can remember. I wrote my first book in grade 3 called The Unicorn; a captivating tale about a unicorn, as the title might suggest. Since then I like to think I’ve grown as an author, now taking my inspiration from my observations as a mom, wife and nature-enthusiast.”

Eden lives in Northern Ontario with her husband, son and three adorable cats, two of which are featured prominently in her first published work, Nice to Meet You, Dad.